Wanzel is a passionate, happy-go-lucky (most days when she gets her 5 am coffee), bubbly, grateful and humbled by life, young woman. She is a Registered Dietitian (2020), currently busy with her community service year at Rahima Moosa Mother & Child Hospital, and a SA Certified Lactation Consultant (2021) with a passion for life and people. She strives to make a difference, an impact and bring a change that will inspire others to create the life they desire. She believes in the goodness of people & in the potential of dreaming. She is in awe of the caring breastfeeding mother, the strength of the cancer or HIV patient as well as the knowledge a multidisciplinary team bring. She is far from perfection, but like a flower; she started with a seed, a stem, a bud, some thorns, and currently, she aims to BLOOM & assist others in realising their capability to bloom beautifully!

The greatest privilege as a LC, is to be part of the chapter of the breastfeeding mother’s story. The greatest privilege for me as a person, is to write a sentence in others’ life stories, of acceptance, of “you matter”, “you can do this”, “you are fearfully and wonderfully made!”

Services Offered

  • Registered Dietitian with a special interest in post and prenatal nutritional care
  • Certified Lactation Consultant

Contact Info

Sandton, Bryanston, Fourways, Gauteng

Speak life & believe in your own & others capability to bloom!

Wanzel Bruwer