Lynette is a qualified professional Nurse and Midwife, IBCLC, SACLC and CFT. Previously she ran her own baby clinic “Sr Lyns Baby Clinic”.  Presently, she mostly does home visits, assisting mothers and babies who have latching problems or any other breast or infant-related concerns. She does CFT in her home for the occasional parents who want to travel to her home. Her passion is to get breastfeeding off to a good start and it is most gratifying for her to observe the baby happily growing and the mother being content to have met her goals. She is also extremely enthusiastic about nutrition, for which breastfeeding is the mainstay, and her passion is to teach parents and caregivers to feed their precious babies and children with whole foods and water – omitting puree’s, processed foods, and juices. She has 6 grandchildren and mothered 4.

Services Offered

  • Local Home visits – Table View, Sunningdale, Blouberg, Milnerton, Sunset Beach etc.
  • Thorough history taking of both mother and baby with compassionate listening skills re birth or present problems. She has advanced her skills over the years and keeps up to date with teaching skills.
  • Breastfeeding assistance and milk transfer of infant – correction of latch and position of infant.
  • Thorough examination of infant including oral assessment, milestones and growth assessment of newborns. Growth is plotted on a specific graph.
  • Referrals for Tongue Tie or Lip Tie especially body work. If needed, referral for revision of frenulum of infant. Any problems that would need a pediatrician’s advice or expertise.
  • Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) – Body work (done at home).

Contact Info

Instagram: The Breastfeeding Coach

19 Redstone Crescent
Braselton Road
Sunningdale, Milnerton Rural
Covers: Table View, Sunningdale, Blouberg, Milnerton, Sunset Beach etc areas