Hettie Grove is a wife, mother of 2 and grandmother of four beautiful, healthy grandchildren, where she had the privileged to be the second midwife with all four. Being a Registered Nurse, Hettie did the 3 year diploma in nursing and pursued her dream, passion, and calling. She completed Midwifery, Community Health, a degree in Nursing education and administration, Advanced Diploma in midwifery and neonatology, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, South African Certified Perinatal Educator, Co-developer of the South African Certified Lactation Consultant accredited by Wits. Hettie thought this was it but went on doing an aromatherapy course, Sensitive Midwifery course (a must for every midwife), currently busy with accreditation to become an Emotional Intelligence Coach to help clients revisit their weaknesses and strengths that may hinder their approach to birth and reaching breastfeeding goals.

Hettie is an Independent private practitioner for the last 24 years, strengthening her beliefs and goals to help moms believe that our default setting is to become pregnant, have normal births and breastfeed. Through this journey, she believes in informed choice based on the knowledge of alternatives, holistically with western medicine, and various other options. Being passionate about helping mothers believe in their bodies and thank the Lord that she is free to live her dream, passion and calling to empower mother, couples and children to become the very best person they can be. As an independent practitioner, she loves it to stay in the scope but be there for the moms, hands-off, and let them be. They know what to do best if they can make their choices and know there are alternatives. It is not always an easy road, but who said it would be. The most rewarding experience in life is when a mom looks at her after an hours struggle with the dyad and partner, trying to fix problems with breastfeeding, which is the most natural thing to do, but because of the issues created by institutions, look up at her tears in their eyes. A baby latched perfectly, showing her gratitude. She loves her passion and calling and cannot call it an occupation or a work.

Services Offered

  • Well-baby Clinic
  • Vaccinations
  • Breastfeeding Assistance
  • Doula
  • Second Midwife
  • Online classes/workshops

Contact Info

St Mary’s Wing
Life Parkland Hospital
Springs, Gauteng

Website: Sr Hettie’s Academy of Health Education
FB Page: Hettie.IBCLC
Instagram: hettie.ibclc.saclc

The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.

Hettie Grové