Alison is an occupational therapist with a special interest in prematurity and early intervention. In all her experience as an OT, infant nutrition and specifically breastfeeding was an area that remained so vitally central to these infant’s care. She’s also a mom of two with her own initially bumpy journey through breastfeeding with both her children having a tongue tie and all the feeding issues surrounding that.

Services Offered

  • Prenatal, hospital and home visits for breastfeeding support
  • Breastfeeding workshops for expectant parents

Contact Info

Breastfeeding Basics
Edenvale/Bedfordview, Gauteng
South Africa

I enjoy using my interest in early intervention and lactation to provide more holistic assistance to mothers and babies who need a bit of help on their own breastfeeding journeys.   

My goal is to add optimal value as a therapist to families and ‘at risk’ babies in the NICU, while further focusing on infant care.